The disappearance of Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez

This is the account of how Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez was kidnapped. Her girlfriend. Alexis Crawford tells the story…. 


My name is Alexis Crawford and I am a whistle blower to expose the secret Freemason, Satanic Sex Trafficking Cult that goes on in Tacoma, Washington.

My father Anthony Crawford is a Freemason leader and everyone in my family are Freemasons also. My father and other members of my family work for the government who are involved in a cult that stalks, spies on, drugs, kidnaps, rapes people. traffick’s and kills people including children.

They are responsible for the disappearance of men, women and children including my girlfriend Amanda Christine O’Brien-Martinez.

Amanda and I

Amanda’s Disappearance 

As I mentioned before, I am in a relationship with  Amanda We have been dating for 4 years and were talking about getting married. But at the end of June 2016, we were

Miguel Swain
My cousin, Miguel Swain

both drugged and raped by my cousin Miguel Swain and my father Anthony Crawford. After that, I didn’t see Amanda.

I filed a missing persons report with the Tacoma Police Department on July 25, 2016. I tried to get in touch with her through Facebook numerous times and sent her countless emails, but she never responded. I then called my Father Anthony Crawford and told him Amanda was missing.

He told me “Amanda didn’t want to be found”

I messaged Miguel’s friend Faye Reynolds on Facebook and asked is she had seen Amanda. She told me Amanda went to Seattle.

One day, I was with Miguel’s friend Ellie Joslyn. She told me Amanda was at Miguel’s trailer but then tried to correct herself by saying “I mean another Amanda”

Days after that, a girl named Lucky also told me that Amanda was at Miguel’s trailer and Miguel was responsible for three other girls going missing! I called Detective Thornton (who was the detective assigned to Amanda’s missing person case from the Tacoma Police Department) numerous times. But he never responded.

Sometime went by and I went to stay at my father’s house. There, I found a child’s drawing book. I had no idea who it belonged to. I also found Amanda’s court papers in his blue Toyota RAV 4. These court papers were of a child custody battle she faced against her mom as her mother currently has custody of Amanda’s daughter.

Alexis' Father
My Father, Anthony Crawford – Freemason Leader

My father told me he had called a number that he had in his call history. This number is one I called him from before. He said Amanda answered the phone and told him that she didn’t want anything to do with me. He said she just wanted to be left alone. I asked him what the phone number was and he told me that it was a number of my phone I had possession of. In unbelief, I told him it wasn’t possible because I had that phone on me the entire time. He then changed the subject.

December 2016: A Facebook account, that appears to be Amanda, sends me a friend request and then messages me, asking me to call her. I tried to call the number numerous times and no one ever picked up.  When I started looking at the Facebook page more, I found numerous posts that didn’t sound like her. Especially one where she supposedly says

“Jesus Christ, will someone please help me.”

February 2017: I, once again, stay with my father. He tells me I’m going to find out that Amanda has been staying with someone I know – cooking and cleaning for them. However, a couple days after that, I found blood on his carpet, in his bathroom and his Toyota Truck. After close investigation, I also found Amanda’s underwear, cheetah lighter and sunglasses in my fathers bedside drawer. I confronted him about what I found and about the night Amanda and I was drugged and raped.

He responded ” What are you going to do? Call the cops on your own father?”

In a fit of fury, I stabbed him. When the police showed up, I told them that he was partly responsible for the disappearance of my girlfriend. The News Tribune also did an article about the stabbing of my father. The article also stated that I had reported the suspicions I had about him.

Around 2 days after this incident, the detectives visited me in jail and carried out a recorded interview with me. Again, I told them that my father had something to do with Amanda’s disappearance. I also told them about the Facebook page and the

James Archie
My step-brother James Archie – Freemason

blood in this house and truck. To this day, nothing had ever been done about that.

I ended up being sentenced to 14 months in jail and was sent to the Women’s Prison Washington Corrections Center. While incarcerated, Miguel’s friend Faye Reynolds and Kaila Nicole Borgman-Seaward both told me that my father (Anthony Crawford), step-brother (James Leon Archie), my cousin (Miguel Swain) and Miguel’s friend’s (Gabe Morales, Dolores Morales and Mooney) were all responsible for kidnapping Amanda and taking her to Miguel’s trailer to be drugged, tortured, raped, gang raped, trafficked and filmed. They both told me in front of numerous witnesses and told

Miguel AKA Mooney
David AKA Mooney

me they would help me with the police investigation. They have been to the trailer a lot and have seen and talked to Amanda whilst she has been missing.

September 2017: I asked the prison to contact Deputy Dan Wulick from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. He came to the prison and took 3 reports from me. The first was of me and Amanda being drugged and raped by Miguel in June 2016. The second report was of my father drugging and raping Amanda and I on June 2016. Then finally, the third was of them kidnapping, raping and trafficking Amanda. I also drew a map out for Deputy Dan Wulick to get the the trailer.

I went back to my unit in the jail feeling good and confident that the police were

Dolores Morales
Dolores Morales – helped kidnap Amanda

going to save Amanda from the hell she was facing. I asked Faye Reynolds why she told me, on Facebook that Amanda was in Seattle? She told me Dolores Morales made her tell me.

After that, I wrote letters to my family telling them that I knew Amanda was at Miguel’s trailer and I knew the Facebook page was fake due to Amanda never saying “Jesus Christ”

In December 2017, Kaila Borgman-Seaward called Dolores Morales and told Dolores told her that Amanda was still at the trailer as the police hadn’t rescued her. Dolores told her that Amanda didn’t want to be found and she was with Miguel (nicknames Bizzy) cooking and cleaning for him. This is exactly what my father had told me except he didn’t tell me it was Miguel.

Miguel – nicknamed Bizzy

There were a lot of girls in the prison unit I was in who had been trafficked before. They told me they knew my father would have Amanda reach out to me. Sure enough, in February 2018, I received a letter from Amanda while still in prison. The letter stated that my father, Anthony Crawford, had nothing to do with her disappearance and she admired him.

This letter was not consensual. She was being forced to write those words. After being drugged and raped by my father in June 2016, I know she does not admire him. The letter continued, saying that she had been kidnapped, raped and trafficked but not by my family. It was supposedly her father Jerry Martinez who sold her to the trafficker she was being held hostage by because she wrecked her Nissan Maxima. The letter stated that her traffickers name was Marcellus Johnson and she was hidden away but couldn’t tell me where because the FBI was looking for Marcellus. 

Maybe, just maybe, if my father can force her to have sex with him, he can force her to write a letter – right?!

After I made my statement with Deputy Dan Wulick, I asked the prison staff to contact him to found out what was happening. He never returned their calls.

I was released from prison April 29, 2018. I knew, by now, they had moved Amanda from the trailer. Especially after I wrote my family telling them I knew what was going on. I called Deputy Dan Wulick myself and asked if he remembered me. He said he did. I asked him what he was doing about the kidnapping report I had made with him. He explained to me that he had sent it over to Lakewood Police Department as the trailer is located in Lakewood.

Now knowing this information, I called Lakewood Police Department and they said they didn’t know anything about the report! Furious, I tried to report it again, this time to the Lakewood Police Department. ‘Surprisingly’ they refused to help me.

May 2, 2018: I again looked at the supposed Facebook Page of Amanda’s and noticed that the post that said “Jesus Christ, will someone help me” had been deleted. That the post I had told my family that I knew was fake when I written them all letters. I also noticed that Marcellus Johnson, the person her letter had accused of being her trafficker, was on her friends list. I clicked on his page and saw he was active on Facebook almost everyday and makes posts EVEN being wanted by the FBI. Why would someone still be active and make post on facebook if they were wanted by the FBI? The FBI can track anyone down at anytime they want. Why would he still be able to make posts?

I contacted Detective Thorton who is the detective assigned to Amanda’s missing person case. He told me he closed her case in October 6, 2016 because she was with her father at the Econo Lodge – her father had made a complaint against her. I tried to tell the detective that information was false because she has been at Miguel’s trailer this entire time. Thorton wrote the address down but never got back to me.

July 4, 2018: I called the Seattle FBI to make a report about Amanda being trafficked by my family.

July 11, 2018: I emailed Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs to make a complaint about Detective Dan Wulick for losing my police report on Amanda’s kidnapping and trafficking.

July 12, 2018: I emailed the Attorney General’s Office and made a complain on the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

July 13, 2018: I emailed the Inspector General of the FBI to make a complaint about the Seattle FBI for not doing anything about my family’s involvement of the kidnapping, torture and rape of Amanda.

July 19, 2018: The Attorney General’s Office returned my email saying they contacted the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department to let them know about my complain

July 23, 2018: Melanie Harding who is Chief Analyst to Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards sent me an email, telling me she had forwarded all of the information I had sent about my family to the Lakewood Police Department.

July 24, 2018: Lt. Governor Habib told me to reach out to Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro due to the trailor being located in Lakewood. He also told me he was going to pass the information onto the Washinton State Patrol Criminal Investigation Division. They followed up with the Tacoma Police and they said they had already performed an investigation.

Lt Governor Habib
Email from Mayor Don Anderson

I emailed him back , telling him the Tacoma Police only performed her missing person case which they, for some reason, closed out in October 2016.

July 25, 2018: I emailed Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro about my family sex trafficking Amanda.

July 25, 2018: The US Department of Justice responded to me through mail. They told me they had forwarded my report to the inspection divison in Washington D.C.

So I contacted them….

July 26, 2018: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs responded. They said I didn’t make the kidnapping report. So I decided I should look for a lawyer!

August 3, 2018: I attempted to email Mayor Don Anderson and Police Chief Mike Zaro again but noticed they had BLOCKED my email address!! Why would they block me when I didn’t have one conversation with either of them?

No explanation…

No reason…

What does the city of Lakewood have to hide?

August 4, 2018: I email US House of Representatives Denny Heck. He tells me I need to contact the Lakewood Police Department.

August 6, 2018: I mail a letter to Governor Jay Inslee and Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray telling them about Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro blocking my emails. I also mailed a letter to the FBI Internal Affairs Headquarters in Washington D.C.

August 10, 2018: I mail a letter and all of Amanda’s information to Mayor Don Anderson 

August 11, 2018: I see a lawyer. He tells me to request all of my records from the prison to prove I made the police report with Dan Wulick, request all of Amanda’s public records and reach out to the media because a reporter will want to report this story.

Missing Persons Report
Requesting Amanda’s information

August 12, 2018: Tacoma City Council member Catherine Ushka tells me Amanda’s report of information was referred to the Lakewood Police Department.

August 12, 2018: I mail out public record request of my prison records and all of Amanda’s records to the Attorney General’s Office, and a complaint letter to the Lakewood Police Department.

August 14, 2018: Melanie Harding, Chief Policy Analyst to Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards emailed me back, telling me

“In order to preserve the independence of the Criminal Justice System, the Mayor is unable to intervene or attempt to influence an active investigation”

Melanie Harding
Reply from Melanie Harding


August 22, 2018: The Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro FINALLY sent me an email. He said

“I have received your inquiries and complaints on this matter. All of your allegations have been investigated to the extent that we are able. I personally was at the trailer in Lakewood on April 18th when the department of corrections officers arrested Miguel Swain and searched his trailer. We have since accounted for Amanda, She has been relocated with the assistance of a program that helps victims of human trafficking. For security reasons I can not disclose her location, but she is safe and in no way being held against her will. As such I do not know what more I can do for you.”

Mike Zaro
Reply from Mike Zaro


I responded to Mike Zaro’s email with “You haven’t done anything for me this whole time, so what do you mean you do not know what more you can do for me? If anything, you and the mayor blocked my email address – remember? It takes the whole city to get on your a** just to tell you that you need to address this matter and you can’t keep trying to run from it.” I then told him that my father had already let her call me and we talked. She is not in a protection program. My father also had her reach out to other people, telling them that she’s in Bellingham with a new girlfriend. She is not in a protection program. I continued by saying that the police corruption in this story is ridiculous and since they want to help my father, Anthony Crawford, and my cousin, Miguel Swain, so bad, than I am going to be a whistle-blower and expose this underground Freemason Sex Trafficking Cult.

I can expose my family because it’s MY family!

I also told Mike Zaro how ironic it was for the Police Chief to take the time out of his day just to be there at Miguel’s trailer when they arrested him. For the Police Chief to take time like that must have meant there was going to be a big arrest – right?

After this, my Father had Amanda reach our to me on Facebook and she gave me her phone number to call – 360-932-1121. When I called the first time, it went straight to a voicemail that said “Hey it’s me”. But she didn’t say her name. I finally talked to her, she told me that they had made her change her name, legally, to Amirah Rose. That’s how serious this is! They are wanting people to lose track of her. She also went on to say she’s ready to be with me, that I’m her soul-mate but no one wants us to be together. There are so many people involved in this.

I told Amanda that I was not going to stop until I save her from my family! We also talked about how my father was the reason people had stalked and spied on us for a while before she was kidnapped.

My cousin, Miguel Swain and Amanda had a rape baby together and Amanda is currently pregnant with my father’s baby.

What you can do to help?

I want to send this story out to as many reporters as I can because I have to get as much attention to this as possible. People can see the facts of this case and see that there is deep corruption. I have been reaching out to other whistle-blowers who have been trafficked by their government.

Fiona Barnett has very kindly wrote about this in her blog. You can find that here .

I also want to make a mini documentary of the Disappearance of Amanda O’Brien-Martinez and the secrets of the city of Tacoma/Lakewood.

Amanda and I are no longer asking for justice… We are DEMANDING it.

Here are some way’s you can follow Amanda’s story



If you would like to make phonecalls, write emails or send letters on Amanda’s behalf, please consider doing so to the following people

Seattle FBI: 

1110 3rd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101-2904
(206) 622-0460
Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson
City Hall: (253) 594-7848
Home: (253) 528-9571
Senator Patty Murray
Phone: (202) 224-2621
Senator Maria Cantwell
Phone: (202) 224-3441




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